January 18th, 2006


It's been a long time since I've paid attention to this...

A few years ago, this would have been my favourite, or most-visited, site. I've started late this year, and missed The Golden Globes on Channel 10 last night, for reasons I'll state elsewhere (i.e. there). But that's besides the point.

This year is interesting because there's no blockbuster with lots of buzz, unlike Million Dollar Baby last year and the LOTR trio of films prior to that. In the end, the winner might even end up being the least-viewed Best Picture ever. Why? The film taking most of the Picture and Director awards at the moment is Brokeback Mountain, helmed by Ang Lee. For anyone living under a rock, it's a love story based on E. Annie Proulx's short story of the same name, about a secret and forbidden relationship between two cowboys spanning decades against a backdrop of America's southern 'wilderness' of Wyoming and Texas.

The Total Film article (Jan 2006 issue) on Brokeback Mountain made me grin, albeit uneasily, but also had the effect of making me adverse to the film - I'm highly unlikely to watch it before Oscar night on March 5th. I've seen Wilde...but seriously, when the director mentions that he told the actors "You can never kiss a woman this hard!"... However, I will try to get hold of the short story before then, even if I have to buy it I guess.

Back to the awards, the other award that's going all one way is Best Actor, where Philip Seymour Hoffman is being celebrated for the title role of Capote.

And yes, it seems like I have started buying film magazines once again, after a 6 month break. When are they going to make them available as online documents? The whole magazine that is, not just the features and reviews...
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Furuba 122

I can't post any scans/images...but yes, Takaya-sensei is evil. Very evil. Collapse )

Next chapter is due on March 5th *cries*, and we should have just 9 chapters (or less) left - 131 and one side story, or 130 and two side stories etc...