January 31st, 2006


It's time for the fasting to start ^^

New layout again - was meant to put it up on the 29th, that being the one-year anniversary of this journal, but, it also being the first day of the new year, life was busy. Even if it's great to be back, I sense that the disruption of my routine will either result in my self-destruction, or it'll make me drop (almost) everything that's leading me that way... (But even if I say that, I'm lamenting the fact that I somehow can't install the modem for use on my computer - I have to use Dad's, so yes, catching up on certain series is out of the question atm...)

This one required a lot less work than the Hanakimi one, and looks marginally better at the 1280x1024 resolution...but my laptop won't use it for unknown reasons. Additionally, I actually wanted to use a different series, but I haven't yet been able to find ideal images for it...an artbook has yet to be released after all... Hence, this probably won't be here that long...