February 7th, 2006


Still spamming...

The Death Box can be ordered from amazon.co.jp!!

The only problem is, I don't know whether they will ship it internationally or not (eg...the US site won't ship computer games outside of North America). If their shipping is anything like the US/original amazon's, then I really wouldn't mind paying for it, because the packaging is excellent, and all up, the cost will probably be less then what I'd pay through any other source.

I should have used yesterday to catch up on sleep - am still dead tired today. And I still want to write about the films (Good Night, and Good Luck; Fearless; Elizabethtown) and manga I've finished recently.

For the moment: I did say that Loki wouldn't be getting a full review - it's episodic, childish and I really dislike Mayura, the female lead - but I'll give it a 6/10, since it was quite enjoyable. If anything, a seiyuu fan ought to listen to it to hear a remarkably different Koyasu Takehito, although there are a number of other very familiar voices like Paku Romi, MikiShin and Shou-chan (whom I still like best in Naruto). Personally, I'm tempted to keep some of the episodes on account of Sakupyon alone.