February 10th, 2006


Death Note movies

I haven't been caring...I think that upcoming merchandise is having an effect on me.

Staff and Primary actors:
Directed by: Shusuke Kaneko
- Yagami Light: Fujiwara Tatsuya
- L: Matsuyama Kenichi (need confirmation)

Hm...Fujiwara-san should be familiar to anyone who's been following Japanese films for a few years (well...officially, at least 5, but the important film wasn't released in the West until about 2002, IIRC), and Matsuyama-san should be familiar to followers of Nana (although SC showed me some images, I just don't recognise him...).

Credit: this fansite, which is quite quite impressive...it even gives some pointers on how to order the Death Box - I can only hope that the price is accurate! If so, ¥18,900 + ¥1,500 would equate to approximately 230 AUD...something I would spend especially considering that the artbook itself would set me back by roughly $70. Hm...but I think the ¥1,500 might refer to something else. Will have to check.


The Winter Games begins today!!

Princess Princess has a cast!! (apparently)

It hasn't been confirmed on the website, but MOONPHASE is listing four roles:

Kouno Touru: Fukuyama Jun
Shihoudani Nyuujirou: Paku Romi
Mitaka Mikoto: Kakihara Tetsuya

Much as I love Paku Romi, I do wonder if it might have been better had these three characters all been voiced by male seiyuu. And er...I'll leave it to someone else to romanise the last character's name (the seiyuu's Hoshi, that's easy enough, but there are too many possible romanisations for the character, and I don't read the manga)...

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I also spotted Sakurai Takahiro on the .hack//ROOTS cast list, so if that's more like sign or liminality than udeden, I'll be picking up two anime in April instead of just one, which will be problematic XD.

And now, I have to save my bandwidth...and have done too little work all day...