February 13th, 2006


Figure Skating at the Turin Games...

It looks like they're not going to be showing that much of it on tv (stupid Davis Cup is on), but I need a reference. This is all at times in Turin, Italy, which should be GMT+1 I think:

Feb. 11 - Pairs short program (7pm)
Feb. 13 - Pairs free program (7pm)
Feb. 14 - Men's short program (7pm)
Feb. 16 - Men's free program (7pm)
Feb. 17 - Ice dancing, compulsory dance (7pm)
Feb. 19 - Ice dancing, original dance (7pm)
Feb. 20 - Ice dancing, free dance (7pm)
edit: Interesting...the US site I got this from had it wrong...
Feb. 21 - Ladies short program (7pm)
Feb. 23 - Ladies free program (7pm)
Feb. 24 - Gala exhibition (7pm)

There's been some bad news - Michelle Kwan, who's been thwarted in her quest for gold by two brilliant skaters (I mean it - I was astounded when I saw Tara Lipinski's performance at her first professional event on tv, maybe end 2002/early 2003), has withdrawn from the Games with a groin injury. Figure skating seems to be one of those sports where injuries hit early and often, and not from equipment 'improvements' (unlike eg. tennis) - at least, not to my knowledge - but from the increasing difficulty of various technical elements as various skaters through the years have landed more and more difficult jumps. (Although...better skates may certainly have contributed...)

And briefly, snowboarding is on the 12th, 13th, 16th, 17th, 22nd and 23rd. I'm not particularly keen on watching most of the others - although it's interesting (like the Luge event today - those guys are crazy!), I shouldn't spend too much time glued to the television.
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Book Reviews - Schindler's List and Freakonomics

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