February 16th, 2006


Just how much is 'too much'? Inoue Takehiko and plagiarism

Yes, this is quite an old news item, being dated back to December. However, it's only been a couple of days since I only saw something that made it more interesting.

Do artists copy? Certainly, I've seen it myself too. Is it cheating? It's a very fine line to draw: Collapse )

BTW, the lionking site goes on to say that you shouldn't be using pirated versions of software like photoshop to produce your pictures either. Well, I'm really not surprised that hardly anyone buys a genuine copy - hardly anyone can afford it, least of all those who're producing art as a hobby. On amazon.com, Photoshop goes for just under $600, and Acrobat will set you back nearly a grand. That's in US $. It's not as if fan artists generally make a profit from their work (although it'd be honourable of those who make enough to buy at least some of the tools that help them produced the work), so if it's just a hobby, I don't see why it's an issue.

Oh, and yeah...new layout again - I just didn't like the Tokyo Babylon one all that much (I'm still happiest with the one that's at my other journal!). Another CLAMP series yet again - Sohryuden because I couldn't find any other pics I wanted to and could use on short notice.

Shopping in Singapore

I tried not to spend so much this trip...meaning I cut down on the amount of manga I bought (Ouran was very, very tempting!), but that's probably ok, because I now have an amazon.co.jp account...although, I can't afford to use it much for a while...

- GSD mini-metallic portraits
- Nojima Kenji Collection (portraits)
- Bleach mini-portraits - the full set of 8
- Summon Night ex-these portrait collection (prettiest of the lot this time. pic taken from animate.co.jp)

Unfortunately, I missed out on a Yoshitsuneki portrait - Obata-sensei is too popular!

- Fruits Basket 15-19
- Tsubasa RC 11-12 (Ashura is very pretty ^^)
- Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Artbook 3 (which I cannot flip through yet ;_;)
- tactics Illustration Works
- X illustrated collection 2 ~infinity~
- Harukanaru Tokinonakade 3 Visualbook

The last one has lots and lots of text! But...the characters look very very interesting - more so than HaruToki 2 *dislikes that series for several reasons* - although I am downloading those 'special endings' ^^. But I can't decide...I'll need to listen to the drama cd XD. As for infinity, I wish it'd been released in hardcover - there's no way I'm buying the 'new version' of zero - there's nothing new in it! X is possibly the only CLAMP series where you see Mokona's(?) art evolving, and most of the pieces I like have ended up in this second artbook. However, as ozaka_tomoe so painstakingly (*bows*) took the time to find back in December, there are still 28 images not to be found in either artbook.

I might eventually scan a few of the portraits if I have the time - but that probably won't be for ages. I also bought a KKM diary refill - not exactly something I'm following, but it's kinda cute. I'm going to have to think carefully about what I want next time.

I was also finally able to collect my The Art of The Return of the King (dammit! there's a small tear on the cover!), which I'd decided not to carry back in July. Come to think of it, I never really looked at my trip in July...ah well.