February 19th, 2006


April's coming closer!

Ouran Koukou Host Club's anime website is up!! I know I keep mentioning the twins, but with the recent chapter I've read and checking out the site just now...I'm looking forward to Kyoya-sempai most - he's truly evil XD! But everytime I think about it, I just keep wishing we had the drama cast back! Perhaps one of them could be given the role of Haruhi's father - I'd laugh if it were Midorin ^^

I also read Midori no Hibi (美鳥の日々) on Friday - all 8 volumes of it. Even though the premise is very stupid (which is why I've never wanted to watch the anime), some of this manga truly is quite hilarious. However, because of it's episodic nature (stories literally take up one chapter, and I actually dislike that for a manga such as this, which really could have some longer arcs) and the fact that the majority of characters didn't actually interest me, I can't say I'll ever read it again. On another note, true otaku's might enjoy some trivia about the series. In short, it's probably worth a read if you're a guy, but it's not worth buying or keeping. 6/10.