February 25th, 2006


The funniest film I've seen in a very very long time...(also, Turin 2006)

And finally, out of all of the films I've seen so far this year, this is probably the one I enjoyed most. l'Auberge Espagnole (or to French illiterates like myself, The Spanish Apartment) begins with youngish French economics student Xavier leaving his girlfriend in France, embarking upon a one-year Erasmus echange to Barcelona in order to pick up Spanish for the sake of his career. Staying at first with a French couple he meets just off the plane (actually, it's second...he's deserted by his mother's friend due to an unexpected problem), Xavier soon finds joins six others - mostly internationals - in an apartment, a move which proves to be the defining moment of his time away...Collapse )

And for laughs, check out the international titles. The Canadian one, Pot Luck, is a pretty good description, and also, IMHO, is the best translation of the French title (according to the trivia on imdb) but my favourite has to be the International English title, Euro Pudding, which is just too cheesy ^^. The quotes are also good, but linking to any would spoil the fun. Take a lesson in 'Life'. Go watch it.


Just one review left...can I get it done tonight?

edit: make that two...

Firstly, the figure skating at Turin's Winter Olympic Games ended yesterday, and whilst it's resulted in dismay for some, for others it was a worthy celebration. Collapse )

Just before I end, here's the wiki article, which explains what most of the different jumps, spins and other elements are. Also, is it actually possible to find a recording of any of these performances?


Because of something extra I've found, I'm moving the Alchemist review to a new post.