March 8th, 2006


More on X's hiatus

Turns out that the Kiseki interview reference wasn't the whole story - CLAMP seems to have been continuing a past interview. The main considerations when X first went on hiatus were, according to a 2004 PUFF magazine interview (translated on the manganews forums - I think I'll copy it here), the Hanshin Earthquake, and the crimes referred to as the Sakakibara Incident. The latter is particularly unsettling.

CLAMP maintained in that 2004 interview that the decision should not be regarded as the publisher's fault. I can see why. Any other country, and X's serialization would have been stopped completely after a certain death. Kudos to Asuka for allowing it to continue as far as it did. However, it seems that the decision is that CLAMP's preferred ending cannot be published in this magazine. Yet even though it has been a number of years after both events mentioned above, it is understandable - if I were in any way actually affected by those events, I wouldn't be comfortable with similar incidents occurring in a story I read or watch.


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oh hell...GS is on adult English... Lacus sounds terrible!!

edit (2006-03-09): (karice is being lazy...) New director, new writer and new script doesn't necessarily mean it'll make sense. I still don't understand the need for this...
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