March 18th, 2006


Ebay is good for many things...

but there are certain issues it raises.

I'm not entirely happy that certain sellers will take ONE item (eg. a collection of prints) and split it up into component parts to sell. It's just unethical for them to try and make a larger profit, especially from people who don't know that these items should have come in a set (it isn't just that they should be worth more in a set, but should unknowing buyers pick up just one item, they'll be annoyed if they find out they'll have to find the others separately and probably won't have the case/box the original collection came in. (hm...why do I care when it's likely to be mostly ignorant newbie fans - the type that annoy me when I see them attempting to cosplay with US pronunciations of character names - that fall for this kind of trick?)

Yes, this was a selfish rant. I spotted that seller sometime last year, and would love to broadcast to everyone that they shouldn't buy from there. Lucky for me, I found someone else with the Hisaya Nakajo Best Select Art Collection, and am quite happy with it now that it's arrived. It's just that I'm now curious about the collections of Yamada Nampei, Odagiri Hotaru, Mizuki Ken and Takemiya Keiko. I especially want the first of those... Maybe I should email that seller.

Rich text

I haven't used this for ages...interesting. I quite like it. Can change the text colour much more easily now.And there are buttons to add lj-cuts
(although it's annoying me that I can't yet figure out how to remove the break before and after the cut-link, or return the text to it's normal page colour) and lj-users. Along with strike-throughs

    • bullets and

Yup. I think I'll probably start using this again. Typing out all that html is tiring, although...I did learn a lot.

So that this isn't entirely pointless, here are a couple of the best fics I've read, ever.
    • Be All My Secrets Remembered, MWPP era (that stands for Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs, for those who don't know).
    • Shifts, and its sequel, Shades, which are both still mostly HP canon. It's about Remus and Tonks (and those around them) through Harry's fifth and now sixth years at Hogwarts.
Warnings: the first has a homosexual relationship, both are novel-length, and...both are incomplete as of now, although they are still being worked on. All up...this is perhaps cruel of me...they're better than JKR's writing.

edit: and you can edit it in rich-text too! and still see the source code if you so choose! *likes it a lot* ^^ 
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