March 22nd, 2006


I don't get it...(although there is something I do get)

According to virtually every single online retail store I've checked, Cafe Kichi & ICS R3 should not be out until March 24, that being this Friday. This is really I've found a source stating it was out in August last year...and I know for a fact that a cd going by this name is already floating around in various communities - just what should I be believing?

And then there's the odd circumstance that Cafe Kichi & ICS4-8 are apparently floating around. This however, is untrue...and should have been realised given the '&'... It turns out that there is a drama series which goes by the name of ICS, which currently has nine discs in the R series, and one SS disc. And like Cafe K, there is also a corresponding manga series. The confusion may well have arisen, at least amongst those of us outside Japan, who simply didn't know any better and followed assumptions from Cafe Kichi & ICS to ICS itself, not helped by the fact that not one but two seiyuu (Ishitan and SekiTomo) are cast members on both... I'd have thought someone actually living in Japan would have informed us about that...and there are a few on the relevant communities.

So now that's cleared's time for me to actually finish my assignment - well, I'll have to start it first. But I still haven't figured out exactly what the Cafe Kichi & ICS R3 I have is...
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