March 25th, 2006


It looks like I've been living under a rock for months...

Yakitate!! Japan is licensed. Although certain 'reactions' to its licensing have surprised me.

Found an interesting topic in asucaga, which I know certain people would absolutely despise. Maybe I shouldn't link it.

And the following are absolutely hilarious ^_____^
They're run on crack and rather silly...but great for a laugh.


And a couple of HP essays. For some pairings, JKR certainly is a better writer than most people think.
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*cries* The Australian dollar is dropping! It's down to ¥83 - the cost of the Death Box is rising!! I'm really wishing that charged customers immediately instead of waiting for the product to become available.

Speaking of which, more Death note movie stuff is floating around.
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edit: and...the Air Gear cast is out (my source being nanya)...but I only recognised Tanaka Rie (she's playing Simca). The others are
  • 鎌苅健太 Kamakari (might be Kamagari - anyone know?) Kenta as Ikki
  • 伊勢茉莉也 Ise Mariya as Ringo
  • 菊池こころ Kikuchi Kokoro as Agito
  • KENN as Kazu
  • 菊池正美 Kikuchi Masami as...Onigiri? (no kidding? I haven't been keeping up with the manga, not that I can remember anything...)
  • 上別府仁資 Kamibeppu/Bifu Hitoshi (he's listed as both on ANN) as Butcher
  • 細川聖可 Hosokawa Seika as both Mika and Rikan
  • 埴岡由起子 (I can't romanize this...) as Shiraume
meh...looks like I'll be sticking to some other shows come April.