May 27th, 2006


Ouran has eaten my brain...(and question to everyone)

Was just drooling over the HQ 1024x768 version of episode 01 today, after going onto irc for the first time in about 2 months in order to get it. Sooooo much clearer than the 800x640 version! Which leads me to the major gripe I have about Bones - is there going to be a widescreen version or not? The following shot (and others like it) demands it!!

Collapse )


On another note, I haven't been able to hold to my resolution of not watching Gakuen Heaven (the Hamu Hamu Heaven clips are too cute!)...and...I'm probably going to become a fan of Kamiya Hiroshi - the Queen and his Knight are my favourites in that!!

Final gripe for tonight: the animation in Nana 7 is terrible!! I don't know what's worse - not having widescreen, or having crappy animation. Seriously, if Bones had widescreen, I'd beg them to do every series if they'd animate them all as well as Ouran! (touch wood)


In other news...a production company called Legendary Pictures (they were responsible for Batman Begins) has acquired the rights to produce a film based on the Warcraft universe...between that and the evangelion movie, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The concept art for the latter is impressive, but the characters are going to be absolutely ruined! And game to movie adaptations have generally failed - Resident Evil anyone? Also,aihre, was it you who mentioned that Starcraft was going to get MMORPG treatment? The only game being developed in that franchise was Starcraft: Ghost (an RPG) and that's been put on hold indefinitely, whilst the next generation of consoles is being evaluated...

And out of curiousity - has anyone else (besides aihre) tasted a Spike Lee joint?