May 28th, 2006


At the movies...

Went to see X3: The Last Stand today with a friend. I can understand that they wanted to prevent this series from dragging on (or, to put it more succinctly, to kill the franchise off), but they could have given us a bit more. I could also see where they were going with the whole 'cure' issue being parallel to the choice debate (more abortion than anything else atm, methinks), but the way most of the world was just so quick and happy to accept the mutants being around was really strange. Other issues, like the question of external vs. internal control (with Jean Grey) weren't handled well at all... Also, not having read the comics, I was touched by the scene between Wolverine and Jean at the end, but yes, I've read that 'canon' is very different. All up, the film was trying to do too much, but if one treats it as a mindless afternoon off (possibly the main reason SC and I chose not to see The Da Vinci Code instead), then it's good enough as entertainment. Enjoyed Inside Man a lot more though.

edit: oh yah...I forgot. If you go see the film, do stay til the end of the credits, whether you like the film or not.

Well...if I ever review this properly, it'll be in just under four weeks time. Along with, hopefully, Inside Man and Russian Dolls, which I am starting to forget!

And it looks like the road trip is off, unfortunately. *cries* I'd been looking forward to that.
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