June 23rd, 2006


All done!!!

The last few weeks have been crazy. I actually prefer exams to be over and done with early, even if it means that I'm not exactly prepared for them. Having an exam on one of the last days - much less two - does wonders for my procrastination skills.

But it's O.V.E.R. I can now spam as much as I like, which is what I think I'll do...especially since I'm not really inclined to elaborate on some of the things that I'm spazzing about atm. Spoilers follow...but well, nothing that serious, I think... (I just can't be bothered lj-cutting...)

eg. ファイ!!!
CLAMP is evil! Even if we've been expecting the gore for a while.

I'm annoyed at this week's Bleach chapter. Poor poor Shiro-chan. And where is Urahara dammit!

With Live-Evil out of commission, and the travesty that was episode 6, I also skipped a couple of NANA episodes, eventually landing on ep 10, where Shin-chan first appears. I'm liking NANA, which, unlike the movie, shows that Hachi's character was one of the main reasons for her boyfriend problems. I dislike Hachi quite a bit...although she seems to have grown up a bit recently (manga-wise). I still don't get the whole 'Takumi is soooo great' impression I get from a sizeable part of the fandom. I mean, people were shocked with what he did a few chapters ago...I was kinda expecting it. Ah...to get to the point, I always got the impression that Shin-chan would act a bit older than his age. Maybe it's because his first appearance doesn't actually reflect what he's like much of the time... The anime has really followed the manga to the T here, and Ishitan has played Shin as he actually is at his first appearance...but I hope that hewon't be playing Shin as this young all the time - it just doesn't fit, even though the character is actually a 15 year old...

But for Ouran 10 - Koyasu was perfect!!! karice needs Ranka-san to appear more often XD