August 13th, 2006


You could say I was avoiding it

Kamiyan's awake. It's been all over the relevant communities already: he was in a car accident and was in a coma for three days, so thank God for the latest on the grapevine.

I do have other stuff to write about, but it's been a trying few days, so, not now, especially not after the other long post...
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News and sundry

D.Gray-man seiyuu cast, from Anime News Service, of all places. The news apparantly comes from Shounen Jump #38:
Allen: Sanae Kobayashi
Lenalee: Shizuka Ito
Yu Kanda: Sakurai Takahiro (though it would have been amusing to have Paku Romi, I am not surprised...quite happy in fact.)
The Earl of Millennium: Takiguchi Junpei
Komui: Konishi Katsuyuki (interesting...)
Reever: Okiayu Ryotaro (I honestly didn't remember who this character was and had to check it up...)
Cross: Touchi Hiroki

edit: the question, of course, is: is this the real cast? I've checked the 'official' sources, and it's not anywhere, so it's highly likely that it's not (in which case...I would cry)

Silly fact - I didn't notice this myself, but excepting Konitan and Shizuka-san, they are all in .hack//ROOTS too. ^^ After this lot, I'm pretty much only interested in Lavi and Tyki Mikk - MikiShin for the latter perhaps?


In parallel to the live-action movie/anime doses we've been subjected to since about a year ago (NANA, Death Note, Honey & Clover - speaking of which, I'd like to see the ending theme PV, as it sounds interesting, though I suppose I'd appreciate it more if I've seen the anime and/or read the manga...), it seems like a number of series are coming out as an anime and a drama around the same time (Nodame Cantabile, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge edit: scratch that, someone reported the drama rumour wrongly) - are they trying to kill us or something? edit: forgot another one - 僕は妹に恋をする (with youtube links, since it's easiest).

Sadly, it seems like the planned Genshiken second season was/has become a series of Kujian instead (and this was announced in May...) - *sighs*, I was sooo looking forward to it too!

Lastly, despite what she said, SC got hooked onto Goong when she went back home over the holidays, and picked up a subbed copy of it on her way back here. I'll have to wait until the holidays though, or risk really screwing up my final semester (if I haven't done so already).

Back to work then.

Ah, nearly forgot: I'm really thankful yahoomail was upgraded - now I can actually receive mail from without having to use my gmail account!

Back to work, this time for real.