August 14th, 2006


I think I get it

Not the release order, but the time of release, at any rate. The editor's comment at the end of chapter 130 now makes sense. Basically, someone was freed everytime Kyo had someone honestly love him - possibly, they needed to actually acknowledge it, which makes it difficult for me to verify this hypothesis with regards to Kureno's release. According to wiki, he was released about 10 years before the viewers are introduced to the story, which, if i'm not mistaken, corresponds to the time when Kyo should have been taken in by Kazuma. Momiji's release came just as Tohru acknowledged to Rin that Kyo was the most important person to her, and Hiro's release came when she confessed to him (though the idiot, of course, just about broke her heart with his response then). And of course, the mass release in chapter 130 - so no, it wasn't Kyo's release that triggered everyone else's so much as the fact that Tohru loved him completely, and he finally accepted her feelings in return.

Of course, the major problem with this is that it doesn't seem to sit with what is revealed in chapter 131, because it just seems important that 'god' (not Akito, but the 'god' spirit) realised what the cat meant when he objected to the eternal bond.