August 31st, 2006


Fall anime seiyuu...Death Note mains and one more for D.Gray-man

It's not sitting well with me at all. Miyano Mamoru is fine as Tamaki...but the role of Light is very very complex. Will have to wait and see - it's just that I expected someone a lot more senior - like them choosing Yamaguchi Kappei for L (just, please please don't sound like InuYasha!).

And Suzuken is slated for Ravi ^^. I'm thankful that Ravi is not one of those irritating-when-they-get-highly-strung types of characters, or I'd end up despising him sooner or later. If he managed to annoy me as Hikaru, then I'm almost afraid to watch anything else for fear of starting to dislike more favourite characters.