September 27th, 2006


Manifest 2006

I really should have written this on Monday at the latest, especially since I've been procrastinating. But yes, summary of my third and final Manifest experience.

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: More photos will be available here as they are uploaded.

I also forgot to mention one major disappointment - although we had an ENOZ cosplay group, no one actually tried to recreate the Suzumiya Haruhi dance. Pity. Perhaps this has something to do with how uptight Melbournians seem to be? It would have been perfect had the organisers been game to put on a show for everyone, but over the last couple of years, I've heard of (and this year encountered) one or two members of the committee that I'd rather not know. And I'm not even referring to the confirmation I read on another livejournal.

More more silly and useless facts: Miyano Mamoru (i.e. Tamaki) was in one of the Tenimyus; Yamada Takayuki from Waterboys is the movie Densha took me something like 5 minutes of watching the movie (the time it takes for him to get a makeover) to realise this...I think Eita (Waterboys; Kimi wa Pet) is there too, as was the actress who played Jinkama Misuzu in the drama...@_@
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