October 8th, 2006


Of all the stupid things...

It's old news - it's been at least two weeks since it exploded on the (in)famous 2-channel boards. Anyone following the seiyuu comm would already know: Sakurai Takahiro, voice of Cloud, Kanda , Haseo (.hack), Suzaku (Code Geass) and loads of other roles, is in huge trouble. nanya_hime has outlined the whole situation here: basically, Sakurai acted in a play performed by the amateur theatre group Joy2006, which turns out to have been plagiarised from a Mitani Kouki script. Whether he was aware that the script was plagiarised on not, he has taken what seems to be a large part of the responsibility for the theft.

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For a contrast in fan reactions between East and West, check out the story of Cassandra Claire. I only came across it a couple of months back, and haven't looked at it in detail, but it was a huge scandal in the Harry Potter fandom. Admittedly, CC was only a BNF, not a real celebrity in the public eye, but I think the various reactions say a lot.


I was going to do an Ouran write-up by today...but it may have to wait.