October 13th, 2006



I really wonder how anime bloggers have time for any of this. Writing any kind of review takes me hours, so I'll never be a weekly blogger, even if it's one series a season (and besides, someone else will always cover the series, one just has to know where to look...time willing...).

Anyways, Ouran seems to be a candidate for really thorough write-ups this season. Besides the comments upon viewing episode 26 (eg - Garten), several prominent bloggers have gathered some interesting streams of words together. I particularly like this one at Karoshi, because Os really delves into a number of metaphors that bring further insights to the thoughts of some of the characters in the show (see also the Anime on My Mind wrap). Although these metaphors are not quite at the level of, say, Evangelion or perhaps Suzumiya Haruhi, this simplicity is part of its charm.

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And of course - it's not for everybody. Won't be boring you with a graphic description of just how difficult it was to find those four (which are never worse than average though)...and obviously, I've totally missed out on those people who simply skipped the show for whatever reason. And here's someone who changed opinions somewhat... And don't you love it how some ppl can love yuri but absolutely despise the complementary half?

On another note, since the ending sequence was largely designed to accommodate the credits, the creditless ending looks really strange. Could be brilliant if one is looking for a convenient Ouran layout, I suppose.

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