October 25th, 2006


Decisions - Fall Anime

Currently watching:
Black Blood Brothers 7/12 (or thereabouts) - the first episode has a rather amusing (though quite silly in some ways) sequence which had me hooked right away ^^. My favourite aspect of this series is probably how Jirou uses such polite language in every single situation - it's rather tongue in cheek. I wonder what Kamiyan would have sounded like though, because in some ways, this kind of character suits him more than Sakurai (though I'll admit I don't have many examples of Kamiyan's characters to go by).
Innocent Venus 11/12 - just one left, but this series has been rather entertaining, and I really should have been paying attention properly right from the start (although I did have suspicions from episode 6 or so). And...there's a fundoshi in ep. 11...almost died at that ^^

Code Geass - which will apparently have a few seasons...this is Sunrise's new mecha show...and it's quite interesting so far. I didn't see the end of ep.2 coming, and it certainly turns the plot in a particular direction. Now if only they'd stop being so one-sided about Britannia...
As for the others: I'll continue with D.Gray-man either once IV is done, or BBB as well, and I'm not watching Death Note until I can forget Tamaki's voice - he's not someone I want to associate with a particular psychotic character. Besides, neither series is a priority, since I already know what happens in both.

NANA 22/50
.hack//ROOTS 10/26
Saiunkoku Monogatari 19/?
though only until the end of the year...hopefully. I've simply run out of time and space.

And thoughts on certain mangas: Collapse )