November 27th, 2006

don't mess with the pig

A post that will probably be edited over and over again today...

Seiyuu crack:

D.Gray-man love triangle ^^

I should dig out that manga and drama cd sometime.


edit 1: This week's Code Geass episode will be...a least they've given a reason, but it had better be a good recap, unlike a whole lot of others I could point out...

2: wai~ Code Geass Radio show with FukuJun and Non-tan! Hereafter, they will be known as 'Yamayama' ^^


3: The best thing about the Bleach anime is...spotting the seiyuu~ ^^ Morimori's using three different voices! though I can recognise Shuuei sometimes...Hollow!Ichigo having Auel's voice is amusing...oh, and '♪Wata♪nu♪ki ♪Wa♪tanuki♪' - I can't wait 'til the 2nd half is animated, if only to witness Yumichika REALLY lose it ^^