December 2nd, 2006


lazy, hazy maybe crazy ^^

Been catching up on a heap of anime...and lamenting the lack of space on my drives. Main problem's been the amount of music I recently got from a friend - I'm slowly going through it, but it'll be a while before it's cleared. Second problem has been what I'm following...(last episode seen in brackets)
  1. Code Geass (ep.8)
  2. D.Gray-man (stuck on episode 6...I've been lazy)
  3. Death Note (ep.1 - I'm still not really watching it yet...)
  4. Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto (ep.4)
  5. NANA (ep.29)
  6. Saiunkoku Monogatari (ep.21)
  7. Tenpou Ibun Akayashi Ayashi  (-)
  8. Le Chavalier d'Eon (ep.10)
Looking at the brief entry on Wikipedia...d'Eon was a strange that's how the idea for the anime came to be... I've also got a lot of nitpicks with CG - gg has improved, but why in the world are there still so many errors! (and Ureshii-SHS is worse, which I hadn't thought possible) - I'm going to have to get this again sometime in the future (>_>).  Oh...and I'm looking forward to getting rid of NANA.

As for the complete series I'm watching...atm, it's Honey & Clover, which is a really mysterious show. It's 'slice-of-life', and a bit like Ouran in that you're caught between crying and ROTFL...but the switch isn't as quick - more like half an episode is hilarious, then it becomes really, REALLY serious. Fascinating.

And finally...series/shows to add to the 'to review' pile:
  1. Planetes
  2. Black Blood Brothers
  3. xxxHOLiC
  4. Gundam SEED Stargazer
  5. Bleach (1-63)
  6. Innocent Venus
  7. Grenadier
  8. The Manchurian Candidate
  9. The Ring (Hollywood version)
  10. Band of Brothers
  11. Gokusen special (j-dorama season 1)
  12. H2 (j-dorama)
  13. Koi ni Ochitara ~Boku no Seikou no Himitsu~ (j-dorama)
  14. ...and I never got around to reviewing Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu! edit: or Fantastic Children
I think I really need a proper vacation...

NB: subject of entry from an icon by rainmage.