December 10th, 2006

who me?

So much for the reviews (I'm down to 14)...the cricket's demanding my attention.

After reading the 'following day' feature in mX last week and LOL several times in public, I've finally gotten around to reading the actually commentary that it was edited from. I can't say that it won't be considered 'gloating', but I do love British dry humour: here are some highlights from Day five of the 2nd Test...

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And in related news which absolutely shocked me: Damien Martyn has decided to retire - effective immediately (baggygreen coverage; BBC). Marto has often been lauded for his graceful batting, but many have also remembered how he battled in many difficult situations over the past few years, often aiding and occasionally leading Australia to victory. His batting has indeed been wonderful to watch, and I wish I'd been able to witness more of it over the years.