December 31st, 2006


Updating the anime list...and 2006 reflections

From Asahi tv (Japan) in 2005, apparently from a nation-wide survey (source: ANN):

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The following is the top 100 based on a web survey, which explains why certain popular ones head the list (again courtesy of ANN).

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The problem with these lists is that a large number of these titles are unavailable to non-Japanese viewers. Well, there goes the experiment.


But reflections on 2006 - what I've seen anyway - based on series that ENDED in 2006 except where openings and endings are concerned. Sadly for me, I decided to try and lessen my anime addiction at the start of what has turned out to be a stellar year after disappointment of 2005, and regretted it, of course. (I refrained from adding the adjective 'huge', as the first season of H&C belongs to 2005, if I'm not mistaken.) Nevertheless, I have gotten rid of one thing: my propensity to collect anime- another 10 series or thereabouts (all burnt on CD) to get rid of and I'm done. If only I could bring this across to the other collections... But on to the year in (brief) review...

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edit: editing this has been a bit of a pain because once you start using HTML, going back to rich text just doesn't work...I'm not going to be bothering with screenshots...