October 7th, 2007

rocks fall and everyone dies

Last post on HP 'canon'...

JK did confirm that Lupin and Tonks were the two she sacrificed...and they were sacrificed in place of Arthur Weasley, who'd been slated to die in book five but she simply "couldn't bear to kill him"(link; 2).

Interesting posts that I picked up after I read the book, about Snape (more) and his final words; and stuff about Remus (and again).

And on the future... McGonagall isn't Headmistress; Harry and Ron "revolutionised the Auror department", and Hermione eventually ended up in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. (I can't believe that Ginny started out playing Quidditch after Hogwarts...it just seems wrong somehow)  (link).

And finally, on the unanswered questions...