September 15th, 2008


Code Geass so far

You know what could really get on my nerves? People assuming that everything they need to know has already been revealed. Needless to say, spoilers up to episode 23 under the cut.

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Oh, and note about Tuberculosis (I read up on it whilst watching Shinsengumi). It is indeed contagious - but of those who have TB infection, only about 10% go on to develop it. Note also that the site reports that "in general, you need long-term contact with an infected person — as much as eight hours a day for up to six months — to become infected yourself."  Being contagious simply means that it can be spread from one person to another - by contrast, cancer is a non-contagious disease. Not that it should matter, as the Code Geass world should have vaccines for it. Xing-ke also does not show symptoms for it all the time as, until it is in the last stages (upon which he should pretty much be bedridden), he is far more likely to cough up blood when he is exerting himself.