February 22nd, 2009

study? pfft

Japanese progress...and what's to come

JLPT results arrived on Monday (they were sent out on the 13th here - I think the rest of the world might have to wait another two weeks or so, max), and...I passed. 2級. Although I still wouldn't say I'm at that level in actual usage.

In order words, like most Japanese tests, it's one that you can definitely study to pass.

The kanji kentei results should also be coming in a couple of weeks. I'm a bit iffy on this one (it'll depend on how careful I was when writing) but we'll see.

That aside, I've also finished a fair amount of anime and one drama. Luckily for me, most of the anime are still ongoing (Gundam, Kuroshitsuji, Druaga, Natsume 2), but they will be ending soon. I'll need to get moving with the following.

Infinite Ryvius
Code Geass
Nabari no Ou
Ergo Proxy
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd G.i.g.

Last Friends
Ryuusei no Kizuna

Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
The One Million Yen girl
Batman: The Dark Knight
Marley and Me
Iron Man

On another note...Eve no Jikan is well worth watching.