March 8th, 2009


On students and seiyuu...

A short note first though...I've moved the reviews to wordpress, because their category function is just perfect. Just have to fiddle around with the layout a bit more, when I find the time.

The other draw was that I can now happily return to using this blog as I did at the start!

Several JET friends have already LOL'd at this, so I'm throwing reservation out the window and admitting it here. My school has an manga research club (漫画研究会). Yes, they literally gather to talk about manga, anime, associated music, draw pictures etc. They've even been to cosplay events (which, believe it or not, are also held in Okinawa!) - that was what gave me the confidence to do the Halloween "Create a monster" class, and not surprisingly, the class with the highest proportion of these members was the most successful!

The crazy thing is, in this club, I've found a person I can spaz about seiyuu with!

It turns out that a 1st year in this club is as nuts about seiyuu as I am, to the point that we can refer to seiyuu by their nicknames and still understand who the other is talking about! It's a bit frightening really, though she was pretty tickled to hear me talk like a seiyuu otaku (I still maintain I really ain't that far gone - I've definitely fallen off the radar since I've come to Japan!) *sweatdrops*

It's fun though, because it feels like I've been on withdrawal since an8id  and I both started working, which was around the time I lost all my files. I doubt I'd be able to get back into the whole seiyuu community here on LJ, but I still want to get my radio shows back!! *dilemma*

p.s. speaking of seiyuu...Fukuyama Jun is darned amusing... He's recently bought his first computer (he's been a technophobe for most of his life - or, as he called himself in the Code Geass Radio Show, an "analog human"!) He's now entered a blog war thing with Makino Yui. The challenge is for JunJun to master touch typing (known as "blind-touch" [ブラインドタッチ] in Japanese) before the end of SoraKake, a show they're working on together. But the funniest thing was his first post from his PC...he had to type that one up a total of 10 times!! XD (source: Fukuyama Jun's blog) It's not really that easy to learn how to touch type, but good luck!



Well, if I heard correctly on the ad after Gundam 00 22 on tv anyway. It replaces Gundam 00. Which reminds me...I'm going to miss that last episode...oh well.

The sad thing is that many of the seiyuu have apparently been changed. (The source is Newtype (Earlybird), and I read about it on nanya-hime's LJ. Neither this nor the broadcast date has been published on the website yet.)

    内海賢二 (そのまま)
    松本保典  =>うえだゆうじ
    柴田秀勝 (そのまま)
    うえだゆうじ =>吉野裕行

(source: コミケに行きたい人の日記)

The changes are

Winry Rockbell:
    Toyoguchi Megumi => Takamoto Megumi
Roy Mustang:
    Ookawa Tohru => Miki Shinichirou
Riza Hawkeye:                   
    Neya Michiko => Orikasa Fumiko
Jean Havoc:  
    Matsumoto Yasunori => Ueda Yuuji
Vato Falman:
    Murozono Takehiro => Hamada Kenji
Maria Ross:
    Saiga Mitsuki => Nazuka Kaori
  Okiayu Ryuutarou => Miyake Kenta
    Satou Yuuko => Inoue Kikuko
    Takato Yasuhiro => Shiratori Sai
    Yamaguchi Mayumi => Takayama Minami
Zolof J Kimblee:
    Ueda Yuuji => Yoshino Hiroyuki

    Yamadera Kouichi
I have no memory of this character - don't think he's in the first anime.

Let's just say I'm stunned that so many were changed! The two mains are obviously the same (it's on the official site), but what's happened to Ookawa-san and Saiga-san? MikiShin is great, especially for roles like this, but we're all used to Ookawa-san! Nazuka Kaori is also good...but for Maria Ross? Can't imagine it @_@ just at this point... Why is Ueda-san changing roles? (eto...I'm going to hate Kimblee even more than I already do!) And Envy's voice last time was perfect!

*grumble grumble grumble* I'll get over it. But it'll take a while...

p.s. Episode 22 of Gundam 00 was...interesting. And I really didn't expect that character to shoot so quickly! Unless we see a body next week (and perhaps even if we do), I'm just going to keep expecting that character to show up again! Go Kathy though, you rock!