April 26th, 2009

MacrossF blink

Joo Ji-Hoon to be charged!?!

Just saw this on the news. Was only half watching, so I didn't catch everything, but google never fails: the Korea Times online is reporting that Joo, famous for his role as Crown Prince Shin in the popular drama, Goong, may be charged for drug use.

The charges are for incidents dating from March last year. The drug in question is ecstasy, which is prohibited in all countries based on a UN agreement (source).

Drug use by celebrities is probably more common than I expect (just look at school discipline records), but I was stunned because I rarely hear of anything like this. The last I heard was an under-age drinking incident involving a Johnny's member...

How to react? This is something that most young people in developed countries try at one stage or another. It's so common that I was surprised to learn that it is actually illegal all around the world. Nonetheless, I am disappointed, because I believe that one doesn't have to take drugs (or even drink a lot of alcohol) to enjoy oneself.

Cross Game 02-04

eheheh...I'm hooked. It's cute and funny...just really well written characters all around. Could have slapped Kou for what he was doing lying on that grassy slope though!

and...わい〜出た出た! I didn't even know he was going to be in this series!

though...eto, all I had to hear was

*sweatdrops* maybe it's because of Genji, though I've since been giggling at the Macross Radio Show...