June 17th, 2009

study? pfft


hm...moving along with life here, from researching holidays, applying for Japanese courses and tests (and due to some kerfuffles, I'm not even sure if my application for a translation course will be accepted at this point...), trying to deal with a crisis at home and heaps of other things, I'm immensely grateful for Higashi no Eden and Cross Game. The former satisfies my "わい〜 nice plot" addiction whilst the latter is just the calming influence I need after yet another heated phone call. (I probably need to be a bit more systematic about that particular issue, but that's another story.)

And the other past time I've been hanging onto these past few weeks is here on Random Curiosity, where Patrick has started putting together seiyuu quizzes from shows he's got/seen. Although he started it based on the observation that he's now able to pick out certain voices when watching an anime for the first time, the impression I get is that it's a measure of how much anime particular readers have consumed. Mah...in terms of series I haven't seen, I think I kinda got six over the 4 quizzes thus far. A couple were obvious (Wakamoto Norio and Fujiwara Keiji? plea~se) but I'm happy I kinda got Hisakawa Aya, since I haven't heard her voice in ages - she sounds similar to her Bleach character in the clip in question (^_^). As for series I've seen, the score was a miserable 5/12... But well, looking forward to the next one!

But, k_chan009 and an8id, if you guys are interested in trying it, I'd love to know how you did!