September 3rd, 2009

Haruhi Kyon - mmm

Brief summer spam!!

Hm...only watching 4 series this season (though there are a couple of others on the backburner). Two are right at the top of my watch list: Bakemonogatari puzzles me sometimes, but I've found that other people's opinions really add to the experience; Cross Game would be perfect if not for some fillers and certain way-too-obvious sequence changes. Hagaren is rushing along a little too much - 52 episodes really isn't quite enough it seems - but has its moments. As for Haruhi, reflections will have to wait until I see where we actually end up. But more so than any other season before, this season has been fantastic for me as a seiyuu fan, especially in the cases of Hagaren and Bakemonogatari.

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On the real life side...Obon this year has been weird for two reasons. Firstly, it's rather late and thus no longer during the summer holidays. Secondly, there's a low pressure system in the area. Though whether that's related to the seeming lack of Eisa this year is another question... But either way, since I've got work tomorrow, I'm probably just gonna go to bed...