September 16th, 2009

Gakuen Heaven Love ham

Cross Game 148!!!


Now, I don't claim to read much Chinese...especially not in the traditional script. (I suppose I could use my dictionary to check everything up...but I guess it'll take less time to keep waiting for the raw...there is A LOT of text.)


Collapse )

Also, this is just a single chapter, even though it's the 42-43rd issue. It's just one of the regular rests that weekly manga writers get. (If I'm not mistaken, only 〜48 issues of a weekly magazine come out each year. There's a break during Golden Week, New Year, around now - I think - and one other time. Will check it up when I have more time. For the moment, I should get back to my homework... Scratch that...there are three regular holidays a year, GW, New Year and Obon - the last of which I really should have remembered, because it was just a month ago. The current break is an extra because it's Silver Week, which we won't be getting again for quite a number of years. They say that these holidays are so that the mangaka get a rest too...but really, they have to stay several chapters ahead of the magazine, right? Well, I suppose they do get a break if they keep working until then, because it is one less chapter draw and write...)
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