October 19th, 2009

bakemono nadeko oblivious

10 anime that mean a lot to me (as of a couple of months back)

Just dumping something I wrote ages ago, cos I'm finishing off some homework that's due tomorrow. Hoping to translate a bit of the Bakemonogatari Atogatari after that, because some of it is quite hilarious...but there's also a list I have to work on!

Anyways, the following meme was quite popular a while back. I'm not saying that these are my top 10 anime - though it probably includes at least my top two - but series and movies like Stellvia, Ouran, Fantastic Children, Infinite Ryvius, Last Exile, Macross Zero, Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo...the list probably could go on, but not now. So without further ado, in chronological order of watching...
  1. Evangelion (what can I say? For me, this was the anime that started it all)
  2. Ghost in the Shell (Expanding on the serious, sci-fi side of anime. This was probably the reason I watched SAC, and the first series of that remains my favourite in this universe)
  3. Rurouni Kenshin (The first long series I ever got into, and also the series that got me into manga.)
  4. Hikaru no Go (my first いやしけい anime/series. This and H&C are the only two anime that really brought their respective manga to life. I haven't actually picked up Go again, but would if I could find a playing partner!)
  5. Whispers of the Heart (This is just sweet and magical...it's probably the main reason I love more recent ones like Tokyo Marble Chocolate, and even Howl's Moving Castle is more similar to this than one might think)
  6. Witch Hunter Robin (The first darkish series I really loved. It was episodic, but always gave the sense of heading somewhere.)
  7. Gundam SEED (first mecha and first gundam I ever saw. Its sequel is the only anime I even joined a forum for...and that is also where my forum foray ended.)
  8. RahXephon (combination of mecha, fate and love that I just really really enjoyed.)
  9. Honey and Clover (If there's a series I could watch again and again (for reading, I'd say it's Cross Game), this is it. Nothing else I've seen has come close to this in terms of the いやしけい feeling.)
  10. Code Geass (first anime I really watched just for the seiyuu. And boy was it worth it...)
Geh...but I really should have Genshiken in here somewhere...