December 4th, 2009

Nodame stalker!

Cinema greetings!!

Whilst some of my teachers know that I like anime and manga (one of my JTEs quite happily calls me an otaku), and some teachers like at least manga too, we don't have anything like an otaku circle. One of the problems is that we all read or watch completely different things...although there is one notable exception. Given that she actually owns some of the music CDs made for the drama, one of my Japanese teachers is perhaps more crazy about that series that I am.

When the series was ending a few months ago, I told her that 23 would be the last volume. A couple of days ago, she was a bit flustered as she checked whether I'd seen it yet, because it was meant to be released at the end of last month. It finally got to Okinawa on Wednesday...and she read it that very night. (I know cos, having gone to the bookstore on the way home for some stationery, I bought it to bring to school just in case, but it wasn't necessary...) Sadly...we agreed on one thing: 微妙!!!!

Still, there may be something to get excited about, because Ninomiya-sensei is writing one more volume: the Opera chapters will start in the Dec 10th edition of Kiss Magazine. (She's already finished the first one (^_^) ), and it seems like they're really going to have opera, given the research she's been doing! Ninomiya-sensei's son also seems to be doing well.) Furthermore, the first movie is coming out on the 19th, and we've made a quasi-promise to go and see it. Can't wait!!

Many Japanese people have asked me if I've seen Michael Jackson's This is It. They're always a bit surprised to hear that I'm not even planning to...but there is a simple reason for it...

Nov 21 Macross Frontier: Utsuwari no Hime
Nov 28 Higashi no Eden: The King of Eden
Dec 19 Nodame Cantabile The Final Movement, first half

I'm already going to be spending a lot of money at the cinema over the next few months!