April 19th, 2010


The spring of utter hilarity

I was going to wait a bit longer, at least until I got to the first episode of Angel Beats - yes, I've already put it off this long - but I need no more convincing that this is the funniest season of anime in ages.

(Leaving out dramas, because the one I'm going to watch is bound to be angsty...)

Take the most recent episode of Working!!:

Even Satou is now gearing up as he effortlessly deals with Poplar's height complex by telling her she'll never become taller if she keeps killing her cells with her outbursts (all the tall people are quiet and calm, right?).

And a little bit later, he notes how worrying it is that Yachiyo is sharpening her sword on a whetting stone, because using it might be difficult if it's not properly taken care of...

Also loved this:

"I found out something rather disturbing."

And when you're not the subject in question, how young people's minds run is the win!!

"It's just a waste of your time if you try to beat air up!"

But Working!! wasn't the only thing that had me ROTFLOL. Arakawa Under the Bridge didn't really impress me with its pilot, but the follow up was hilarious! I'm in for at least two more episodes - even though time is really tight, I'm hoping that SHAFT won't let me down!

But arguably the strangest series to have me laughing has to be Saraiya Goyou (The House of Fives Leaves). It's not meant to be funny in any way...which is why Yaichi talking about stomach warmers and whatnot in the preview absolutely cracked me up. Sakku's deadpan voice is *love*!!!