July 5th, 2010

CG Lulu wistful

The end of Spring

The Spring season of anime that is. Well, Uraboku is ongoing, but everything else I was watching (besides Katanagatari) has now ended.

Didn't really like the additions to the date, but otherwise, a solid and amusing end to one of my favourite series this season. Please announce a second season at that Great Summer Thanksgiving event!

The final opening...has some unnecessary sequences - I'm seriously going to consider ripping those episodes and blacking out those particular scenes. Otherwise, a solid, if quiet end to my favourite series of yesteryear. If only they'd been able to finish it sooner...

Saraiya Goyou
Okay...this has to be the best finale to any series this season...perhaps even in the past year. Gorgeous background visuals that might have been even more exquisite than usual. I might want to buy this too, if only to support Mangaglobe/the production committee so that they might, one day, produce the rest of it.

I think I burnt through my reaction fuel when the final chapter came out a month ago. Some things were fantastic (e.g. the homecoming, the little comments about their girls)...whilst others weren't quite so. I wonder why they had Maria Ross suggesting that Roy hadn't given up on becoming Fuhrer - giving up on that particular dream made sense because disabled people are discharged from the military! That proposal was even cuter here, what with clearly conflicting Ed! On the other hand, no Royai and that blasted mustache made me sad...

As for the upcoming movie, the 2ch reaction is the most interesting part. As 今日もやられやく puts it, "Hagane no Renkinjutsushi movie announced! ...but what in the world will it cover?!"

As for summer...I've only watched the first episode of Kuroshitsuji II so far, which was way OTT as usual. Not sure whether I want to keep watching it, because I might end up trying more series than I intended to!