August 7th, 2011

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Snippet from OnoD Kuroshitsuji Interview (Pickup Voice from years ago)

Just loved this - after OnoD describes all the characters as having hidden agendas, the interviewer asks what he himself is like with regards to this trait.

Me? (I think that) the person who knows least about me is me. But the people around me always tell me that I'm someone without a hidden agenda, that I'm a really simple person. Basically, the complete opposite of Sebastian. So even if I wanted to appear in this story as myself, it's totally impossible - I have far too little to hide (laughs), so I probably wouldn't be able to exist in the world of "Kuroshitsuji" (laughs).

---If people were like this in real life, if what appears to be such a close relationship was actually hiding something as in "Kuroshitsuji"'d be frightening, (or to put it more succinctly), it'd be horrible.

Having a hidden agenda would mean that you can't ever build a relationship of trust. That's a great draw in any story. But I'm happy being a trusting person, because going through life viewing everyone with suspicion would be tiring.

Totally fits with what we hear about OnoD basically fitting Shizuo to the T!

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