April 12th, 2014


Macross FB7

Finally watched this...and I must admit, I'm still not entirely sure I want to watch 4 whole cour of the only main timeline Macross series that I haven't watched yet... (^_^;;; )

The question on my mind tonight though, is where FB7 should be seated amongst the Macross F iterations of history. If we go by the TV series, whilst we can definitely say it started between episode 3/4 (where Sheryl and Ranka become friends) and episode 8 (where Ranka transferred into Mihoshi), the final concert tribute could be as late as July 2059. The reason I say that is threefold: first, in FB7, Ranka only wears her uniform the first time she appears, so she could have changed schools and we'd be none the wiser; second, we see the characters in FB7 on no less than five different days, based on their outfits; and finally, in the series, everything goes to hell around Alto's birthday, which is on July 27.

On the other hand though, if FB7 were considered closer to the version of history told in the Frontier films, then everything could have happened anytime between the blossoming of Sheryl and Ranka's friendship and Ranka's concert in SnT, because Ranka never actually transfers schools in the films... It's also interesting to note that Ranka's other outfits are all ones she had in TFD, and not in the series (at least, I didn't find them when I looked through the episodes). So, I think it's best to think of FB7 as being set in the three months between the events of the two films, personally.

Or as an entirely separate telling of history, as per every other Macross work ^^

On another note...

I am almost finished with the Gundam SEED commentaries, some of which have been super-interesting for a non-Gundam fan like me. I think I'll finish the Destiny ones before I start posting a series of highlights though. At this point, I think I'll be dividing each series of commentaries into two, but I'll see what happens...