March 22nd, 2015

CG Lulu wistful

A/Z 'running commentary' (Ep 23)

Last one? Or will I do another next week before I go about wrapping up my experience of A/Z? Must admit...I'll probably be spending a few more months on this anyway! In the first place, the BDs are still being released with their little extras, and there's an event in June too! And one more: this week, there was no mention of Hanae being on the next radio show? The twitter account announced that he would be the final guest, on the last show. Does that mean that, although the series itself ends next week, it looks the radio show will have a little while more to go... Hm...I guess that does make sense, since these shows seems to be recorded about a few days in advance. They've got to give the audience some time to react to what happens in the series finale!

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