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More indications that capitalism is obsolete...

It's all over the 'net (or google, if you wish): iTunes Japan sold over a million downloads within just four days of the launch of its download section. Pity that people from other countries aren't permitted to buy them yet. Seriously, trade and content barriers are going to have to come down now that we're actually able to buy music as digital files ostensibly from anywhere in the world. It would be so much cheaper than to buy the cds through normal outlets! I just hope they make them of an acceptable quality, so that we can burn our own music cds from the digital files we buy...

The cricket is on (and England is doing too well for my liking...) and I have work to do. Found out that DMD now has an improved diagnostic test (so yes, what my lecturers have been teaching me over the last two years has been somewhat obsolete) which greatly increases the detection rate of the disorder. Now to find out how they achieved that...
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