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Half-Blood Prince - initial reaction

I was stupid. I spent one night reading this.

Anyways, it's much more interesting than most of the previous books (Prisoner of Azkaban will always be a favourite). The plot has become more complex, and I really should have expected that they wouldn't finish schooling. Dumbledore's death was expected (how else was Harry to be truly alone? and that is the reason Sirius's passing in the previous book was also required, not that it makes me feel any better), and Snape...well...I'm not surprised, but the theories hanging about are very interesting.

I wonder about the romance though...if it was written in part to stop some of the fandom from writing really ridiculous pairings, but well, more on that later (except, I really loved Fleur at the end!). All I have time to say now is that I'm really looking forward to seeing how it ends, even if I'll never be serious enough to write an essay of some sort on it.
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