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Snow...and a digression...

I sometimes wonder if it'll ever snow PROPERLY whilst I'm in a place where that is actually possible. It's the third time I've seen sizeable bits of snow floating (or sometimes blistering about) in the wind, and I even had to walk to uni in it!

That was an interesting experience... - it brought to mind something I thought about when watching the extras for the LOTR: FOTR Extended Edition (or maybe I read it in an interview somewhere...it was a couple of years ago after all) where Peter Jackson (IIRC) talks about the blizzard on Cahadras, where the fellowship is buried in snow. When the time came for editing, he found that he didn't have the shot he wanted of Legolas digging himself out from under the snow, and so, during some reshoots in New Zealand, poor Orlando Bloom had a heap of snow dumped on him just to rectify that!! (Okay, I'll get to the point...) The rest of the scene was actually shot indoors during the original 18 months of shooting, with the SFX crew creating a 'snow mixture' that 'got into everything' (I'm probably not even quoting them correctly...I need my LOTR dvds...). In the film, I noticed that the 'fake snow' certainly stuck to everything (especially Gandalf's beard)...except in one scene...the one where Legolas digs himself out! I had wondered which would have been more representative of real life - and now I know...the SFX crew did an absolutely amazing job - real snow, particularly in a blistering wind, really sticks to everything! The difference between film and life would be that, since it wasn't all that cold, the snow melted quite rapidly, and didn't 'get into everything' - thank goodness!

As for my starting comment...I'm waiting for the snow to 'settle', as the locals say. So far, there hasn't been quite enough - it melts just about as soon as it hits the ground. When it does build up (in the night), it melts just enough to form clumps of ice in the morning. So far, I've also been unlucky enough to have uni related matters each time.  But I would rather not have to go to the ski slopes thanks - there's just something about seeing a white cityscape, especially if it's a city you have to actually live in rather than holiday in. Let's face it - seeing snow on a holiday is meant to be fun, whilst seeing snow where you live is meant to be horrible, since it means a very cold, miserable day of clearing it, if the drift is high enough. Hence, I'd like to see enough snow in this city for us to enjoy it...enough to make snowmen and have a good snowball fight!!

And onto a different topic...I've been meaning to write something about RahXephon, since I finally managed to obtain and see the movie...but I guess that'll just have to wait (once again). There's a lot about that series that I want to say.
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