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I've learned that...photo swaps always take several hours longer than you expect...

Haven't heard much about the series recently, but from what has been siphoned off the grapevine, Parfait Tic appears to be drawing closer to the end. I don't want to rant on it, and given how annoying the last few volumes have been (the Ichi and Iori affair), I shouldn't really care anymore...but I've got a little rant on the situation. I'm not a fan of the brash/outgoing male character typical in so many shoujo manga (cf. Kyou in Furuba), and that includes Daiya. But whilst I don't have a good reason for disliking Kyou, this isn't the case for his PT counterpart.

There's something I find questionable about Daiya's behaviour (besides the fact that he starts the series as a playboy). The first instance of it is when Ichi mentioned his first crush...and how Daiya was the one who stole her first kiss. Then when Daiya asked Fuuko to forget Ichi and accept him instead, he mentions something along the lines that, since he found out about Ichi's interest, he'd wanted to 'steal Fuuko away' from him. (On the other hand, Daiya didn't show an interest in Iori...which weakens the impression I got that he seemed to want to compete with Ichi.) The other issue is that, back when Fuuko was interested in Ichi and spending more time with him than with Daiya, the latter mentioned to her that he felt left-out. In contrast, Fuuko and Daiya are now quite distant from Ichi - two's company, three's a crowd. Currently, Daiya certainly seems to care about Fuuko, but my question is; what is he actually searching for?

That's not to say I approve of Ichi's behaviour. The whole Iorin thing was an irritance, even if some people (on Rosetta Stone Cafe) have rationalised it. Well, I have little idea as to where the series is going, but Fuuko is probably better off with neither of them...see what happens, if I can be bothered waiting for and reading more.

This Ashes series will probably be remembered for one thing (other than the result - whether England 'wins' the trophy back or not), and that is the umpiring decisions. Whilst the ones I've seen in the 5th test are a little more balanced (one in favour of England and one in favour of Australia thus far), there have been a lot of shockers. Australia deserved to lose the 2nd test, but everything in the 4th completely undermined them. One could ask - is there a great difference between chasing 477 and 377 (or less)? I suppose we'll find out over the next day or so (England scored 373 in the first innings here), but I dare say the answer is YES. Even if you say professional players shouldn't let stress affect their abilities, the follow on would at least have been avoided if the score had been the 300-400 it should have been, not even mentioning the other wickets that were taken from the Australians. Greatest Ashes series ever my a**. I might be biased in that I would like Australia to win, but if England won fairly based on their own abilities rather than a series of bad umpiring decisions entirely in their favour, I'd be quite happy to enjoy the cricket (the reverse swing that Simon Jones has extracted from the pitches is amazing) rather than b****ing about it.
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