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Never seem to learn...

Watching the daily_snitch hasn't been such a great idea. It's just a wonderful way to procrastinate.

The camera just focussed on Hugh Grant at the Oval a few minutes ago. Why did they have to do that? I for one don't want to know that I share an interest with him!
edit: nice comment to Gilchrist slicing one to the boundary..."Safe...not sound, but safe." LMAO.

The Pride & Prejudice movie website is up. I was shocked when I first heard that some filmmaker had decided to make another version of my favourite Jane Austen novel, and I dare say any info I've read and heard on it up til now hasn't done anything to change my initial reaction of distaste. The 6 episode (5 hours total) BBC version from 10 years ago is basically a modern classic, and I'm sure no one can take Colin Firth's place as Mr. Darcy as long as he is still acting. Kiera as Elizabeth looks ok - a bit too pretty perhaps (then again, all the sisters are too pretty, especially Mary) - but that's about as far as I'll go at this point. Rosamund Pike as Jane looks too...modern, and too outgoing. Remembering her from that Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies I think it was, she can probably play the reserved side of Jane, but she just...looks wrong nevertheless. The married Bingley sister has also been written out - SC was lamenting that a lot of characterisation of their class would be lost, and really, social comment was a huge part of Austen's novels. And the costumes, especially for Lizzy are just too dark too much of the time...and I won't even begin on the hair, suffice it to say that Matthew MacFayden does not look like Darcy to me at all. Emma Thompson made Sense and Sensibility a joy to watch with her screenplay, no matter what she decided to cut out. However, at this point, it looks like it will take a miracle for me to watch this.

Somehow I managed to sit through Ultra Maniac, even though I struggled through the cringeworthy OVA a few months back. It's actually pretty well paced, light entertainment that doesn't require much thinking at all. On the other hand...I disliked the whole thing about the Holy Stones and what they were for - it just seemed stupid - the manga plot is much more interesting. Yuta was my favourite character...until the very last scene, that is...
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