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Tired, aggravated and just plain irritable...

Before this test ends, I'm just going to say this: Australia deserves to lose the series, given how badly they played for so much of it (and the fact that the two dropped catches of Pieterson this innings are proving to be very detrimental). Would be a good wake-up call too. However, I will stop short of saying that England deserve to win it. It is perhaps understandable that they have been exploiting the poor conditions and bad light to ensure that this test is drawn so that they will win back the Ashes. But I don't have to like that attitude, especially when it's reflected in the English (so-called) fans of the game. I'd much rather see them fight it out over 5 full days of play for a result rather than a draw, so much more interesting and entertaining, don't you think?

Watched the first episode of Shingetsutan Tsukihime...I'll never escape the seiyuu, will I? SuzuKen is too recognizable...though I didn't catch Sakupyon as his friend, nor Fumiko Orikasa...I never really pay enough attention to the female seiyuu, to tell the truth. It's interesting to note that the series has got quite a good rep at ANN, particularly since Japanese fans reacted so badly last year...will see how it pans out.
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