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Happy happy joy joy...

happy happy joy...

Saw Advent Children today...and, after it finished, walked out of the room with a huge grin on my face. Not that I understood everything (this calls for a bit of research into FF7 before a second viewing), and was a little bit annoyed with how short it was at ~100 minutes...but Sakupyon! and Shou-chan! (although I could have throttled the latter a couple of times...ah well, crazy Shou-chan is always fun to listen to ^^) I'll admit I almost laughed at the end, when Cloud said something like 俺(は)...一人じゃない. *waits for Meine Liebe 13* But looking at the subs already on offer...I don't suppose anyone will release one that's double the 'normal' size (i.e. 1.4GB or so instead of 700mb), will they?

Went looking for the OST, only to find that it hasn't been released yet...d'oh.

edit: ah yes, forgot for a moment given the excitement. ♥♥♥♥Bleach♥♥195♥♥♥♥. No matter how strange it may be, I love seeing them all again ^^

And well, term's over, it's now Melbourne Uni's study break (and RMIT students, who have just one week starting Saturday week, are more than a little annoyed), and I'll have to start my four assingments tonight if I'm going to finish them over these two weeks. The mid-semester today was very poor too...though at least I know what I now have to do for my exam preparation. (This should be at the other place...but nvm...)
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