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Six degrees of separation

...remember the "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" game? Well, it became a mission for photographer Andy Gotts. Having contacted a large number of actors (300, so says mX), only one agreed, but that was enough. And so the project which began with Joss Ackland finished 114 actors later with Kevin Bacon himself. I like the concept...poor Kevin though, at least when the game started. Glad he now sees the idea as a concept to be appreciated, and even meditated on.

As for Furuba 116...poor ♥♥Momiji♥♥!! It seems fitting that Momiji should be the second one to have been released from the curse, and I applaud his decisions, even in the face of all that sadness and loneliness he now faces - I mean, Tohru should have been someone who would rejoice for him, but until Kyou is released, she cannot. I hope Takaya-sensei gives him some joy before the series is over!! And who will be next? The bird and the rabbit have 'gone' (is it possible that the cat can only be last?), and there aren't really any indications as to who would be next, mainly because of Kureno. If Momiji alone can be used as an indication, I'd think Yuki might potentially be next...but something else seems to be a factor too.

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