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winNY's working (thanks, SC!)!! but today's the last day I can use it...

Worked out what was wrong with the internet connection. I'm a little bit disgruntled that this is what I have to do every time I come home...I distinctly recall having to call Bigpond customer service last year. Well, as a trade-off, I've used about half of our internet quota (peak-time - should have tried to use it more during off-peak periods) in about 6 days...but well, my family doesn't download anything, so they should be fine for the rest of the billing period. They'll have more quota than me anyway.

Not that I know anything about this chapter other than the first page...but it seems that Ichi has 'officially' told Fuuko that he likes her! Idiot...why did he wait so long? And what happened in an earlier volume when Daiya confronted him about it and he basically said 'yes, I like this girl'?

And yes, winNY is working!! But the connection is a bit too slow for me to use it effectively...
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